Maral Tabrizi

Lead User Experience Researcher



I have over 5 years of experience running holistic user research programs with a focus on immersive approaches such as Diaries, Field Studies, Longitudinal Ethnography and other generative research methods. I conduct cutting edge research to inform design of products and services and align teams. I have provided teams foundations and design directions to drive innovation and delight user experiences by translating user data into actionable insights using my deep expertise in coding and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data.




My Toolkit includes qualitative methods such as Contextual Observation and Interviews, Diaries, Focus Groups, Journey Mapping and Longitudinal Ethnography as well as quantitative methods such as Surveys and Task Analysis. To inform the design of digital products and UI design iterations I also conduct Usability Testing.




Lead Design Researcher

IBM - Emerging Technology Experiences (5/19 - Present)


As a part of ETX (Emerging Technology Experiences) at IBM Research, I work closely with some of the world's top scientists to create user informed products and services.

User Experience Researcher

Google (3/17 - Present)


Worked closely with UX designers, product managers, engineers, and the marketing team to design and conduct user experience studies on a variety of projects related to Google’s self-driving car technology (Waymo). My main focus was to inform teams regarding Waymo’s integration into early riders everyday life and meeting their needs. When Waymo’s Early Rider Program launched in 2017, I interviewed and on-boarded hundreds of research participants into this program in Phoenix metro area. I then designed and conducted studies with various user groups including teenage and senior users of Waymo. I conducted these research programs to inform key product and marketing decisions as the Early Rider Program grew in Chandler Arizona and as Waymo perfected the Technology and the user experience. I also was focused on various deep dives to understand our unique user groups and to develop Waymo’s first User Profiles and User Journey Map.

Design Researcher

ATOM Innovation + Product Development (1/16 - 3/17)


I drove end-to-end UX efforts that focused on Lean User Experience Research, Brand Research, Usability, supporting the design & development of technologies related to Internet of Things (IoT), Consumer and Digital Products, Urban Planning and other data-driven solutions. I designed, conducted and analyzed studies on a variety of projects from initial conception to launch, small scale to large utilizing mixed method approaches involving stakeholders throughout the process.

Ethnographic Researcher

SmartRevenue (1/11 - 10/11)

Conducted qualitative and quantitative ethnographic research in major retail settings; in-aisle interview intercepts and shopper observations to extract ethnographic data concerning product and retailer choice. I also composed final reports that made recommendations based upon overall survey data and shopper observations. Clients included: Walmart, Safeway, Fresh and Easy & Nature’s Made


Design Researcher

Arizona State University Disability Resource Center (5/09 – 5/10)


I Worked closely with DRC to Perform studies on wheelchair users and their difficulties with using public accessible restrooms using a mixed methods approach to collect primary data emphasizing mainly on Virtual Ethnography due to the sensitive nature of this research. I also conducted Interviews at the DRC site from students with disabilities. Participatory Design sessions were also conducted to validate initial design concepts. The result of this research was presented at 2009 Southwest Conference on Disability and accepted to the 3rd International Conference for Universal Design in HAMAMATSU 2010.


Designer/Design Researcher

Motorola CXD in partnership with UIC (5/07-5/08)


As a member of Interdisciplinary Product Development team at UIC, which was funded by Motorola Customer Experience Design (CXD) team, I designed and completed a longitudinal research study on social media and it's effects on users quality of social life. I collected primary user data using a mixed methods approach and presented the results of this research at Motorola’s headquarters to the entire CXD team which was recognized as the most outstanding project.


Design Researcher

ARTECO (1/04-4/06)

I coordinated field and contextual observation sessions, recruited research participants and designed the entire user studies for several projects. I also coordinated Focus Groups, Interviews and concept evaluation sessions. Performed Usability Testing, Cognitive Walkthroughs and contextual observation. Finally, I Prepared client presentations and report documents.”




Master of Science in Design (MSD) - New Product Innovation - 2008 - 2010 - Arizona State University

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) - Industrial Design - 2006 - 2008 - University of Illinois at Chicago

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) - Industrial Design - 2001 - 2006  - University of Tehran

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