Lead Design Researcher

Emerging Technology Experiences 


User Experience Researcher

Self Driving Cars Project - WAYMO


FREELANCE: Chef Koochooloo 

An ethnographic research for a startup in California involving usability testing, interviews, surveys, contextual observation in classrooms and grant writing.

FREELANCE: Out of the box collective

This project involved Task analysis, Usability Testing, Wireframing, Heuristic Evaluation, UX Design, interviews, surveys, and google analytics for 2 sister websites.

Senior Design Researcher:  ATOM 

Community development and Lean Design Research, Usability Studies, Longitudinal Virtual Ethnography, Customer Journey Mapping, Design Thinking, Brand Research, Prototyping.

Inclusive Design of Public Restrooms: An ethnographic study


This research examines the needs of wheelchair users in using existing wheelchair accessible public restrooms designated as wheelchair accessible and translating user needs into design recommendations.

Motorola (CXD) Moto Ntro/Moto Prtl

An ethnographic research on how the social media had changed the way people interact with one another and uncovering basic social networking difficulties and inefficiencies. 

Design Research: ARTECO

This ethnographic research is focused on finding the safety needs of young motorbike  riders, from mid-low social class citizens of Tehran -Iran. and understanding why wearing helmet is not commonly practiced amongst them