About me :
User Experience Researcher
maraltabrizi@gmail.com  |  312-714-7817

My passion is to discover possibilities by absorbing the user's mental model, and to examine underlying purposes of products, as well as learning user's goals and motivations to shape the fundamental values of products, and improve strategies of the businesses.

I am a mixed method UX researcher and can shift my methods from lean to longitudinal and immersive approaches depending on the project needs. My approach to helping businesses create relevant and meaningful experiences is to interact with their users, empathize with their users views, goals, challenges and values, and become their advocate.

Expertise and skills:

My Qualitative Toolkit

Contextual Observation and Interviews, Diaries, Focus Groups, User profiles, Journey Mapping and Longitudinal Ethnography


My Quantitative Toolkit

Surveys, Top Tasks management, Kano, Van Westendorp 


Design, Information Architecture & Usability

Moderated or unmoderated studies such as Cognitive Walkthrough, first click testing, 5 seconds test, task based usability testing, card sorting, tree testing etc